our story

QUEENS Country Club

Founded in 2022 by Weekend Golfer, Queens NYC Redisent and Fashion Inudstry Experts in Midtown NYC Justin An During pandemic era cuased by Covid-19, many younger generation joined the game of golf who need on and off the course style outfits. Queens Country Club is going to provide young urban professional great lifestyle brand inpired by the game of golf. Our lines can hep your New Normal lifestyle from your home office in the morning to your local golf course in the afternoon without changing your outfits.

our story

We are more than athletes, more than the game we play.We represent the aesthetic and diverse interests of the modern golfer health,wellness,indulgence,pop-culture and sport,dress like yourself,represent your love for the game without sacrifice.


Inspired by the game of golf

Founded in 2017 by culture and golf enthusiasts Stephen and Erica Malbon.

Malbon Golf is a lifestyle brand inspired by the game of golf. We provide quality products,tell stories,and invite customers to take part in the community of like-minded thinkers that we have created.

Eastside Golf

Eastside Golf was founded June 1st,2019 by Olajuwon Ajanuku

Our Mission

Eastside Golf is a lifestyle golf brand developed to raise awarness about golf among youth and non golfers. We want to inspire the culture, promote diversity and continue to be authentic.

Our Vision

Eastside Golf was designed to make golf more attractive to the younger generation. We want the youth to utilize and apply the morals and values golf has to offer in the order to better themselves and change the lives. Eastside Golf is also for the people to enjoy the game of golf while rocking our apparel with full confidence.


The brand has quickly gained broad popularity and recognition amongst creative,stylish,and active people due to its unmistakable branding and playful curation.

The brand is fueled by meticulous and tasteful customers who have a passion for golf as well as expressing themselves through what they wear.